Does Technology Make You More Human?

Technology should be our servant, not becoming the master in our life.
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Cowrito Ergo Sum


I saw another dualism in the four videos. Two videos picture technology as an ideal, one-stop-helper for our daily educational needs. The two following give us different perspective of how technology can be misused and turn out to be destructive instead of constructive.

Corning and Intel’s videos describe a world where information has no boundaries. Wherever, whenever, we can learn. It’s a very astonishing view of future, an ideal world of knowledge sharing. It’s MOOC now. LMS. CMS. Interactive e-learning. We have already started, making information more accessible and well-managed so we can use them according to our own preferences or needs, which at the end create knowledgeable individuals beyond our limitations of space and time.

But, as we walk further in technology, we sacrifice our relationships, changing our daily-living rituals with digital routine, creating a new meaning of easiness and access. I see A Digital Tomorrow somewhere near future…

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