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Love Letter?

Expect the unexpected.

On the first week of this August, a 2nd grade student suddenly gave a stick note with mine & her name written at the back. I keep asking to myself: “why she did that?”, “why it happened?”.

Pure & Sincere, kids are clothed with that to remind us/adults.

I tried to remember what was going on in the past 1 month. Finally I rememberred our morning devotion moment in teacher’s room. That morning was my turn to lead our 10 minutes sharing. The guidence book told a true story about one bad guy that planning to rob a house since he already jobless for months. He came into a house and got supprised because there’s no one in that house but Kary, a little girl. She was welcoming the bad guy and serving him with smile, stories, & playing the piano to sing him songs. At the end of their conversation, the bad guy shock to know that Kary is actually a blind girl. Touched by what Kary had done, that criminal cancel his plan and quickly went out from that house with a shame. Few years later, Kary got operation and healed from her blindness. The doctor who did that once a criminal, he decided to join the medical school after met Kary for paid back the genuine love he had received.

This week we have a case with one of our special needs student. Our principal reply that we need to pray for the kid in whatsapp group. Then Holy Spirit breaking that 2 weeks of silence for answering my questions about the letter.

“What is the different between you as a teacher with others? The world need to see miracle and all will doing in HIS intervention. Christianity is not only a label (trademark) of this school, it’s really exist!”

Love life, spreading the good news.

Now I can see clearly the purpose & the reason of all facilities that I’ve got. Saving souls and opening gate for a chance and a wider perspective about this world to our pupils are the most important thing HE want me to understand. This awareness is already fill the school boarding house (teacher’s residence) but it’s need to become a massive value to all other teachers, staff, leaders, owner, & parents.

For an urgent reason I read news this week about how devil destruc kids around the world trough bullying & sexual insulting. The enemy know, there’s a great potential power laying in kid’s life to change the atmosphere, like what Kary did.

Psalms 8:2 (KJV)

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

Divine Toughts, Pojok Canda

A Joke in Many People’s Path.

​Re-definition a success story.

Changing direction is a common thing in life event. Every season has it own struggle and we are equiping with ability to make some adaptation. Cheer up! 😁

I didn’t like this picture at first but for some reasons it’s a good reminder for me.

Welcoming April 2017, continuesly walking with unlimitedGOD even if it’s need to crawl.

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Daily Experiences, Divine Toughts

Before Soaring like Eagle!

​Build an Unshakeable Foundation.

This recent week, I’ve been questioning GOD about things I was going trough for the past 15-19 years. Starting with a deep connection with HIM in the first 5 years, then a flat relationship for another 5 years, an empty (even some minus score) for the next 5 years, & a come back journey with turbulance for this last 4 years, hehe..

It’s told that, “a true leader were made – not born.” All great warriors of faith in the Bible went trough wilderness & survive with GOD. Yeah, I’m reminding about Jacob at Pniel (Genesis 32), a moment of truth for Israel’s recognition. It’s a story of a man phisically  struggling with GOD, I read it one or two days before Dec. 30th, 2014 (stroke) where my daily reading got postpone. Like an eagle with it’s middle age stage, I had to choose: taking ‘a deep sleep’ or carry on with the next half page of my life as a second chance with hustle effort.

Isaiah 40:31 (KJV) But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

An eagle is special because it lives with uncommon way of living. It has amazing potential to live 60-100 years with a process trough near death experience around age of 30-40 years (you could googling & read literatures about it).


Back to all hardship that all people in this world going trough. Perhaps only less than 1% could see opportunity beyond hardship and turn it into something great, a new bright future for them & society (the world).

It’s a common things for a master builder to spend more than 70% of all resources to established strong foundation before a highsky building stand tall. I believe hardship in this life is a part of process to setup an unshakeable foundation whiches contain vision, character & attitude. Some hardship might happen cause by our own mistakes but when you understand the situation and start all over again then it’s okay. Thomas Alfa Edison noted his 9.999 fail experiments as a brigde to the way of success before finally found the source of light (electric). I don’t know if he ever knew how important his invention for humanity. I read that his remarkable background and character was a result of his parents’ faith that believe an autis boy like him deserve a chance of having good education.

When vision-characters-attitude need to be tested & sharpen in the life process, our right response will help us to go trough it faster than any other complainers or quitters.

HE always has good purpose in every step of this life (Romans 8:28).

Many people only having complain and less evaluate their path. So they’ll end up in routine activities that they don’t even like or passionate (die trying to do it).

Just make sure that you are really positive (believe) about the vision you are working on right now and figure out how bad do you want it to become a reality, like an eagle that choosing to passing trough near death experience for having another remarkable 30-50 years of living and lots of ‘soaring flight’ in the sky graciously (elegant).


Everybody makes mistakes, sometime choosing the wrong directions and made wrong decissions. I won’t be ashame to makes some changing about my mistakes before it’s too late because some real event ahead won’t be able to ‘erase’.

I’m trying to hold with the vision as a clue for every stairs and crossroads that I’m going trough. Like someone ever said, It’s okay to be A both Masterpiece and A work in progress!

Reminding 1 March 2015, a thanksgiving day with family & friends at home pasca my stroke incident i Dec. 30th, 2014!

Divine Toughts

Tetap Fokus pada Panggilan Tertinggi

Mengejar Kesuksesan dalam Kekayaan.

1 Tim 6: 6-21
Dengan membaca Firman TUHAN di atas, fokus saya kembali pada tujuan (esensi) awal.. yaitu Blessed to bless!


Beban yang berat itu malam ini terangkat karena akhirnya tersadar kalau semuanya ini bukanlah tentang saya semata (seperti kisah Yusuf yg mendahului Yakub ke Mesir). Jadi biarlah DIA yg menuntun dan menopang di setiap langkah, sambil saya terus melakukan semua yg terbaik dengan giat diiringi mazmur (nyanyian) bagi DIA!

Tidak ada yang salah dengan menjadi kaya atau berpengetahuan. Tetapi fokus hidup yang salah akibatnya akan membuat kita menangis di akhir cerita. Dan ini adalah sebagai pengingat bahwa saat berjalan dengan DIA setiap hari kita dapat beristirahat dengan tenang dan rileks utk esok hari (masa depan) yang cerah (Yeremia 29:11; Yoh 16:24).

All is well (3 idiots, the movie ;D)

Good night mates!
2016-04-28 (edited 2016-04-29)