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Before Soaring like Eagle!

​Build an Unshakeable Foundation.

This recent week, I’ve been questioning GOD about things I was going trough for the past 15-19 years. Starting with a deep connection with HIM in the first 5 years, then a flat relationship for another 5 years, an empty (even some minus score) for the next 5 years, & a come back journey with turbulance for this last 4 years, hehe..

It’s told that, “a true leader were made – not born.” All great warriors of faith in the Bible went trough wilderness & survive with GOD. Yeah, I’m reminding about Jacob at Pniel (Genesis 32), a moment of truth for Israel’s recognition. It’s a story of a man phisically  struggling with GOD, I read it one or two days before Dec. 30th, 2014 (stroke) where my daily reading got postpone. Like an eagle with it’s middle age stage, I had to choose: taking ‘a deep sleep’ or carry on with the next half page of my life as a second chance with hustle effort.

Isaiah 40:31 (KJV) But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

An eagle is special because it lives with uncommon way of living. It has amazing potential to live 60-100 years with a process trough near death experience around age of 30-40 years (you could googling & read literatures about it).


Back to all hardship that all people in this world going trough. Perhaps only less than 1% could see opportunity beyond hardship and turn it into something great, a new bright future for them & society (the world).

It’s a common things for a master builder to spend more than 70% of all resources to established strong foundation before a highsky building stand tall. I believe hardship in this life is a part of process to setup an unshakeable foundation whiches contain vision, character & attitude. Some hardship might happen cause by our own mistakes but when you understand the situation and start all over again then it’s okay. Thomas Alfa Edison noted his 9.999 fail experiments as a brigde to the way of success before finally found the source of light (electric). I don’t know if he ever knew how important his invention for humanity. I read that his remarkable background and character was a result of his parents’ faith that believe an autis boy like him deserve a chance of having good education.

When vision-characters-attitude need to be tested & sharpen in the life process, our right response will help us to go trough it faster than any other complainers or quitters.

HE always has good purpose in every step of this life (Romans 8:28).

Many people only having complain and less evaluate their path. So they’ll end up in routine activities that they don’t even like or passionate (die trying to do it).

Just make sure that you are really positive (believe) about the vision you are working on right now and figure out how bad do you want it to become a reality, like an eagle that choosing to passing trough near death experience for having another remarkable 30-50 years of living and lots of ‘soaring flight’ in the sky graciously (elegant).


Everybody makes mistakes, sometime choosing the wrong directions and made wrong decissions. I won’t be ashame to makes some changing about my mistakes before it’s too late because some real event ahead won’t be able to ‘erase’.

I’m trying to hold with the vision as a clue for every stairs and crossroads that I’m going trough. Like someone ever said, It’s okay to be A both Masterpiece and A work in progress!

Reminding 1 March 2015, a thanksgiving day with family & friends at home pasca my stroke incident i Dec. 30th, 2014!

Daily Experiences

Peneguhan di Awal Tahun 2017

​Iman yang Aktif masuk merebut Kanaan.

Pelayanan hari ini berkesan, minimal karena 2 hal di dalamnya.

Pertama, karena dalam segala keterbatasan (gerakan tubuh belum full dinamis, pendengaran recovery 95% dengan posisi berdiri di depan drum) serta kekurangan (telat naik panggung karena sempat kebelet) DIA sempurnakan (covered) hasil dari pelayanan pujian (sesuai konfirmasi/evaluasi beberapa teman).

Kedua, karena selesai ibadah minggu pagi saya sempat berbincang dengan seorang pemimpin yang saya hormati di gereja. Ia memberi teladan hidup yang konsisten/proven (Penatua GKKD Jakarta – Eduar J. Monijong). Di akhir pembicaraan saya minta abang kami untuk mendoakan karena impresi dan kerinduan untuk saling menopang dalam perjuangan iman yang aktif di tahun 2017 sesuai isi kotbah pagi itu.

kami bertiga mulai dari ujung kanan ke kiri, Donal-saya-bang Edu.

Yup, ada banyak ladang di Kanaan (pekerjaan, bisnis, & pelayanan) juga kehidupan berkeluarga sedang menanti dikerjakan sambil recovery ini digenapi 120%. Seperti rhema di ibadah minggu pertama/2017-01-01, kita bangsa rajawali terbang tinggi di atas badai dan kadang menari-nari di dalamnya (peneguhan minggu ke-2/Yesaya 40:31). Itulah kebiasaan mereka yang hidup berpegang pada 1.260 janji yg telah IA sediakan di sepanjang Buku CintaNya untuk manusia yang ditebus dengan darah/nyawaNya sendiri.

Yesaya 40:31 (TB)  tetapi orang-orang yang menanti-nantikan TUHAN mendapat kekuatan baru: mereka seumpama rajawali yang naik terbang dengan kekuatan sayapnya; mereka berlari dan tidak menjadi lesu, mereka berjalan dan tidak menjadi lelah.