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Love Letter?

Expect the unexpected.

On the first week of this August, a 2nd grade student suddenly gave a stick note with mine & her name written at the back. I keep asking to myself: “why she did that?”, “why it happened?”.

Pure & Sincere, kids are clothed with that to remind us/adults.

I tried to remember what was going on in the past 1 month. Finally I rememberred our morning devotion moment in teacher’s room. That morning was my turn to lead our 10 minutes sharing. The guidence book told a true story about one bad guy that planning to rob a house since he already jobless for months. He came into a house and got supprised because there’s no one in that house but Kary, a little girl. She was welcoming the bad guy and serving him with smile, stories, & playing the piano to sing him songs. At the end of their conversation, the bad guy shock to know that Kary is actually a blind girl. Touched by what Kary had done, that criminal cancel his plan and quickly went out from that house with a shame. Few years later, Kary got operation and healed from her blindness. The doctor who did that once a criminal, he decided to join the medical school after met Kary for paid back the genuine love he had received.

This week we have a case with one of our special needs student. Our principal reply that we need to pray for the kid in whatsapp group. Then Holy Spirit breaking that 2 weeks of silence for answering my questions about the letter.

“What is the different between you as a teacher with others? The world need to see miracle and all will doing in HIS intervention. Christianity is not only a label (trademark) of this school, it’s really exist!”

Love life, spreading the good news.

Now I can see clearly the purpose & the reason of all facilities that I’ve got. Saving souls and opening gate for a chance and a wider perspective about this world to our pupils are the most important thing HE want me to understand. This awareness is already fill the school boarding house (teacher’s residence) but it’s need to become a massive value to all other teachers, staff, leaders, owner, & parents.

For an urgent reason I read news this week about how devil destruc kids around the world trough bullying & sexual insulting. The enemy know, there’s a great potential power laying in kid’s life to change the atmosphere, like what Kary did.

Psalms 8:2 (KJV)

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.