Daily Experiences, Sehat Itu Menyenangkan, Tahukah Anda?

Special Needs Kid

A Strange Physical Phenomena Nowadays.

Meet Jack, a 2nd grade student. He often bite his fingers nail. When getting stressed (mad), he’ll pluck his hair (a certain wound spot could see on his head). He’s a special needs kid that strugling with his eye sight (minus) & autism.

Kids are treasures in the future.

I’m living in a boarding house with other teachers and we had a discussion about kids nowadays that wearing minus glassess in a very young age. Few of them also having down syndrom or other special needs cases. Some parents that having special needs kid sending them to school and have big expectation it will solved by teachers. Others even don’t really care to involve by giving them to their nanny (kids assistant).

In some articles (analysis), this sad phenomena happening caused by a genetic factor. Parents that having minus sight more than 5 usually having kids wearing glasses from the age of 3. Autism possibly an impact of chemical or hormonal process. Fastfood industry had bring a huge effect for obesity in developing & modern country.

My crucial point is, a kid like Jack deserve a chance to experience the bright side of this world. But for gain that goal he will going to experience an extra effort, since he is including to the special need group. While people need to evaluate about the way they live, for support a better generation there’s a breaktrough need to be done in our perspective. With parents, physoclogist, mentor/tutor hand in hand supporting kids like Jack since early age, we could see a bright side in the future made by them.

In our first Elementary Chapel, in front those kids Pastor Sammy explained about how we were created in GOD’s image. It’s mean HIS character well established in us. We only need to express them in our daily life. Be kind, obey, & diligent are 3 main examples that relevant for teachers & students. At first I wondered if a kid like Jack could ecperience it.

Eating together at canteen, a lovely view by their sincere.

Infact, Jack is a good student. As long he’s in the good mood, he’ll follow my teaching and doing those task that I’ve given. Luckyly Jack is studying with other kind kids in the class. I told them to share each other and helping Jack in daily activity. Jack also need to learn how to trust his friend when they are coming to help with sincere.

Human were created with heart. As long we gain their trust then everything’s gonna be ok. We were created to be social beside our individualism (uniq). Let us heal each other by get to know better on each other.


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