Resensi Film-film Inspiratif


Turning a Messing into Blessing.

The movie is set on daily urban family problem. A couple that working, usually having short time of communication. They are focusing on chasing money to cover family cost & persuing their dreams. When it comes to comparing each contribution for family, then the clash indicate serious attention before it’s too late.

Tony & Elisabeth Jordan is struggling with them self. Ego and their own understanding only bring chaos & mess (kekacauan), far from solution. They tried for a help from friends but it seems no used. Mrs. Clara was only a client at beginning for Elisabeth. Time flies and then they are becoming good friend. As a prayer warrior, she was mentoring Elisabeth about war strategies, how to win the family problem trough prayers. Slowly but sure everything just set into its place when they let GOD in charge trough faith in prayers & declaration.

A secret place is sacred & mostly a favorit one for a prayer warrior.

‘A normal’ christian life mostly fail to recognize problem or offering help in serious family problem. War Room is giving us guidence and comprehensive understanding about what praying could do in recover a messing into blessing. By giving GOD a role to doing HIS part in miracleous way, GOD’s people would find out that grace trough speaking HIS words is a powerful weapon. The real enemy (devil) always try to hide (invisible). Based on that, a help from heaven is the only way to gain total victory over crisis.

I’m learning some fundamental keys in a battle trough prayer from this movie. Total surender (faith), commitment in praying/declare Scripture & less complaining to others are some insights from it. I was watching the film for second time with my sister and her husband to brought inspiration at their house. They are in church ministry, but nobody imune from trials right?


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