Daily Experiences

River of Life

​Worship Beyond Reality.

Thursday night in 5 Jan. 2017, as rain pouring down to the earth with strong sound of thunders, I decided to start singing songs for Sunday service. I put earphone to focus on videos that already downloaded 1 day before.

While singing the first song “Bagi Nama TUHAN”, I recall a note from our Worship Leader in Whatsapp chat grup. She reminded us for seeking HIS heart on our personal preparation. The song was not my favorite one, but I’ve learn to set my heart agree (echoes) with every words in it (a reference worship teaching from Ps. Chris Manusamah/GBI Rock Ambon).

While entering overtune part, tears dropped in a sudden. It’s my conscience saying, “Am I doing (singing) this so serious because an obligation as a singer in preparation?” I got impression that Holy Spirit encourage me to dig deeper, evaluate my real motivation when singing a song for HIM.

It’s All about YOU, less of me – more of YOU.

I admit that playing song with guitar had been my favorit activity. But since 2013 sometimes I tried to sing without instruments (guitar,mp3,video) even with eyes open to develop ability of worship beyond circumstances.

This Friday morning, the scripture reading got into John chapter 4. Jesus explained that worship HIM in Spirit & in Truth will be a lifestyle for all HIS worshipper.

The reality is I need to be patience, waiting 1-2 months while focus in fingering excersice as a part of my full stroke recovery. Once again, worship beyond reality is a fact that HE deserves the best of my attitude while entering HIS presence without excuse. It’s a great joy to know that HE wants rivers of life flowing maximum from us into this world. It will happen when purity & joy are the based in every worship that we offer.


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