Resensi Film-film Inspiratif

Haksaw Ridge

A Story of A More Than Warrior in the Real World War II Event

Surely 1 Man with GOD is majority, not a myth. Just following the process and let HIS truth be known.

Hacksaw Ridge the movie, based on true story about Desmond Doss’ life experience in the World War II event was directed by Mel Gibson.


Little Desmond & his brother was starting their life in a hard childhood background caused by his father, a drunkman that raised them with a bad tempered. Yet, he was growing to be a warm & kind young man under his mother taking care. He was spending much of his time by helping her at the church beside working in the pulp factory.

A life turning point was happen to him when he met a young lady  (a nurse) after saving a young man’s life on an accident in front of the church by took him to hospital right away after giving a standard medical procedure.

In hospital, the doctor’s confirmation made him realize about his small gift in a medic. Then in the same place on that day he met this fine looking nurse that helping him with his first blood donor experience. It brought him a deep passion for a stronger calling in saving lifes trough medic.

He was trying to keep coming to the hospital for some funny reasons as an excuse to know her more each time it happen. As their love journey was starting to began, Desmond suddenly making a huge decission to serve his country by joinning the military training camp. Then they got seperated until he was finishing the camp training. The big conflict pop up when he was making decission not to touch any weapon in the war zone. It’s starting in the middle of military camp whiches an impossible things for any soldiers in the war not to use weapon in a war. Because of his life commitment about how he’ll serve in the war, he got pressed from most of all people in the military camp.

The moment of truth was coming when he almost compromise to plead guilty in the military court. Surprisely, a help was coming in the court from the person he won’t expect to come at anychance.. his dad. Then the court allow him to serve as a medic in the war while he’ll done that without holding any weapon to survive.

Back in the war day, Japan as US enemy were fought with bold spirit & without fear. When Desmond with his company arrived in Hacksaw Ridge, an infantry just slaugthered when trying 6 times to took Haksaw Rigde but still they failed at 6 times.

A little bit lucky, an infantry where Doss join in were having small victory in Haksaw Ridge at first. But early in the next morning, the Japs were suddenly attacking them and force them to retreat from Hacksaw Ridge.

A crying for help from a wounded soldier was encouraging Desmond not to flee from the battle field. It’s like an answer for his life purpose, why he was taking medic to serve his country on that war.

At the end, Desmond Doss was saving 75 lifes (not include 2 men from enemy’s side) as a medic in 1 brutal day when others had leave the war zone. Sounds like Lord Jesus when HE was facing the cross for saving souls in the womb of death? It’s driven by love & passion.

BiG Respect*PurpleHeart*DesmondDoss.

Many thanks for teaching me about an inspiring life of faith this whole Sunday DAD! (2016-11-6).
#warriors #faithful #inspirations #unlimitedgod


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