HIS Grace is more than Enough

Men are Fragile without HIM!

Peter was made more authentic and therefore stronger after an uncomfortable chapter of life. Moses was made useful years after a mistake he ran away from. Hiding out in the wilderness, he was finally prepared. Paul seemed to never forget the depths from which he was delivered as a persecutor of Christians.

All three have this one thing in common – they were more useful after they got a revelation of their own frailty. Each thought they knew what God wanted to do – and missed it. Peter thought himself the defender of the Christ. Moses thought he was the champion of the oppressed and Paul thought he was purifying the true move of God from a dangerous deception. All acted in righteous rage and all were wrong.


Jesus, lover of human souls.. a good shepherd.

Peter and Moses ran away from their mistakes. Paul ran into divine discipline and redemption. All became stronger because of a revelation of their weakness.

Don’t disqualify yourself because of weakness, but rather remember this verse from Hebrews: “out of weakness they were made strong.”

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